How We

We are always open to new ideas, ventures and organisations. We review each one and will be in touch within 45 days if we are interested in learning more.

Before submitting your idea, we suggest you familiarise yourself with our Focus Areas and goals on challenging inequality, poverty and environmental stress.

We are passionate about the difference your projects make in our community and are here to help.

What We Fund

We are working towards a stronger global society by making donations in our focus areas. Under each of these, we have a number of different areas in which we focus our donations. Applications are assessed according to their alignment to our goals and their relevance to our Focus Areas

Our Trustees have chosen these areas of priority and focus because they are important to our values and philosophy. As a philanthropic family foundation, we have limited budget and therefore choose to support areas where we feel we can make the greatest difference.

Our funding programme reflect our strong desire to contribute to the building of strong, happy, healthy, prosperous and more connected society.

What We Don’t Fund

Unfortunately we can’t support every initiative or organisation, even though there are so many worthwhile applications. Please read our Exclusions before applying for a donation, as we don’t want to waste your time.


  • Sport and Recreation, including Sport Equipment, Expenses etc
  • Buildings or land
  • Capital Assets or Equipment costing over £1500
  • Drama, Art or Performing Arts
  • Individuals
  • Loans and Endowment Funds
  • Overseas Travel, Expenses, Exchange Programmes etc
  • Religious or Political Advocacy/Advancement
  • Venture Capital Initiatives
  • Administrative costs
  • Urgent or Retrospective Applications

NB: The Trustees do not respond to personal approaches

Application Process

Requests for funding are subject to a Three step process. There is no closing date for applications. However, because we do not consider urgent or retrospective applications, we recommend that you submit your request at least six months before you need the donation. If your application is referred to one of our regional funds, there may be a closing date associated with that organisation.

Step One

Prior to submitting an application, please ensure that your project fits within our Focus Areas

Step Two

This information from your preliminary application provides us with a brief overview to determine one of the following outcomes:

  • Full application invited
  • Advised by email that your request does not fit our criteria and priorities

Step Three

If invited to submit a full application, details on how to do this will be emailed to you

Apply Now

Requests for funding are subject to a Three Step process. There is no closing dates or donation rounds for our grants. Because we do not consider urgent or retrospective applications, we recommend that you submit your request at least six months before you need the donation.

Please send us an emailing with the following:

  • How would you describe your organisation to someone in 50 words or less?
  • What's the grant for?
  • Your information, phone number, city, website etc
While this may seem an unorthodox approach, we find this method yields the best results.

Send to [email protected]

Our Process

if your request is accepted for consideration

We use a standard three step process to develop all of our grants and contracts. The duration of each step depends on the complexity of the project as well as the capacity and geographic location of the prospective partner.

1. Concept Development
We work to identify ideas that support our strategic priorities, in consultation with foundation volunteers, researchers, and other partners in the field. This phase concludes with an internal decision that a concept is aligned to a strategy, and we should proceed with development work.

2. Pre-Proposal
We use a variety of ways to explore and refine concepts, with the help of organisations in the field. Regardless of the approach, we remain committed to understanding the perspective of others, in order to further shape the proposed body of work. This phase ends with the decision to solicit a grant or contract proposal.

3. Grant Development & Management
We give applicants guidelines and templates for developing a proposal, a budget, and a results framework and tracker. Our trustees review submitted materials with internal and, at times, external experts and works with the applicant to integrate recommended changes. We also complete our due diligence, confirm the applicant organisation’s tax status, determine how to structure the transaction, and assess risk.

Grant proposals are reviewed at various levels, with more levels of review for grants and contracts that are more complex. The Director General's Office makes the final decision about whether to fund the proposed grant or contract. Before funded activities can commence, the foundation and the partner organisation sign an agreement that includes intended results, targets, milestones or reporting deliverables, and a payment schedule.

During the life of any grant, Terrible and the Grantee discuss how they will work together and keep in close communication to understand progress and challenges of ongoing work. By maintaining quality interactions and clear and consistent communication, they are able to share feedback early and often.